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Hi! We are the Kelsons from Pensacola, Fl. We have traveled extensively in Australia and New Zealand over the last few years and were struck by the beauty and craftsmanship of the wool industry in these areas.

We have 8 ft by 10 ft wall hangings of pure lambs wool. We have Coogi wall hangings of various sizes up to 6 ft by 8 ft. But since these items run many thousands of dollars and are true “objects d’art”, we thought we would initially offer some of the smaller items and clothing articles to test the market.

We have done well locally with a very limited clientele and are interested to see the appeal of our line to the vast market offered through Panhandle Craft Mall and the Internet. Enjoy these offerings.

Man's Coogi Sweater and Cap
We knew they talk funny,
but they dress funny too.

Woman's Coogi Sweater and Cap
Hey, it doesn't look as funny off her.


Coogi Throw Pillow
You know, this Coogi really looks cool!


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And Vote For Our Site!

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