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Hello! I am Franklin Newbraugh. I have been fascinated by the game of chess for over fifty years. My grandfather showed me the moves for the pieces one weekend when I was seven and the next weekend I won my elementary school's chess tournament. For the next twenty years, through my high school, college and graduate school careers, I played tournament chess, reaching the level of Master in 1978. At that point my business career precluded my active tournament involvement but I became an avid collector of chess sets.

I was amazed to learn that various forms of chess had been played for over 5000 years in locations as diverse as Africa, India, Asia, South America and Europe. All of these forms included a group of warriors (pawns) and various elite figures (kings, knights, religious figures, etc.) It was as if the concept of the game was as innately programmed into the human consciousness as was the real world necessity for similar political and social organization. This realization of the world wide interest in this "game" gave me the idea that this broad appeal should provide a great market for chess sets. If only there were an inexpensive world wide marketing medium. Along came the Internet!

I currently am retired and have turned my chess collection and advocation into a new internet business. I maintain a collection of over 200 chess sets from around the world and actively trade, purchase and resell handcrafted chess sets in a price range from a few hundred dollars to almost ten thousand dollars. Here I offer a few of my mid-range sets for your approval.

Cook Island
Fired Wood

These Gods are
Well Endowed.

German Pewter
Trolls and Gods;
Which is Witch?


Congo Ivory
Black Lacquered
& White Ivory.


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